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We Are The War Bears!

(NOTICE!!  If you have been a War Bears member but have recently logged back on and found yourself guildless, it may have been the result of a recent Hacker gaining the control of our GM Sunats' account and kicked everybody out.  Please whisper anyone in guild in-game, or post in forum so we can invite you back! :))

(Full List of members just before the "Big Hack 2010" have been posted on forum:

The list in an Excel form has also been saved on ou Guild Video/File Site at the Sugarsync site(see link box))

The War Bears was orginally started on 21st April 2007 by Puohuaiwang as a social guild for his friends.  Puo also had a vision of Wear Bears being a friendly, non-discrimating and supportive "Haven" for people who has had previous bad experience from other players or guild.

Since then it has gone bigger with the addition of many new players, yet it has remained a cosy group of close friends.  At the end game of BC, raiding became an important part of our guild activities as progression is an important part of the game.  We have now started raiding regularly in WOTLK.

In the words of Puo:

"Warbears was, and still is, a social guild at heart. Why? Because we really do care, do give a damn, about our guildies, who have become our closest frens, on par with our own RL frens. Our motto is that we play together, we fight together, we grow together. 

No doubt, some will advance in terms of gears and experience, much much faster than others. Mind you, it is not an obligation that these better individuals have to help every single one of you, but of cos, it always warms the heart to get help coming. 

How to help? Use this site to reach out, reach out to every bear who may come sniffing for some information (like me, on kara raid   ) 

Or for those who are more hands on, to bring guildies on much needed runs (those with quests), so they can lvl smoothly. Again, remember, if a fellow bear don't have the time, don't bear the grudge, just sometimes another bear also have their own agenda to attend to.  

Don't take things for granted, and you won't be taken for granted." 

As with any guild, it had gone through periods of ups and downs, with old friends leaving, and new ones coming... time for disagreement, and time for rejoicing in reaching common achievement...

Above all else, we aspire to enjoy our online playtime together as great friends would, raiding or not.  We yap on, we wipe together, we help each other to reach each of our personal goals;  and we work together to help our guild progress as a group, while enjoying every bit of the way.




Please refer to Blizzard Armory(Guildlaunch Rank not updated):




We generally raid on Friday and Saturday nights.  Check ingame Calender for details.

All raiders please read Quick Raiding Guide for info, requirement and etiquette:




Members can post in Gallery, pics will be moved to Google Picassa Album periodically to create space:







-We, the Bears, have always been proud of our casual, fun, friendly, cordial and helpful attitude towards each others.  Although we strive to better ourselves and progress as a guild, gears and runs are always secondary to each others.  Rudeness, swearing and other destructive behaviours are looked down upon and not tolerated.  Warnings will be issued by Officers and repeat offenders will be penalised or kicked and banned. 

-This holds true as well for when playing with non-bear players.  All members are expected to behave in ways that would reflect positively on our guild. :) 

-That said, we have never had any problem in our years of playing and progressing together and we continue to enjoy being in each other's company.



-Ex-bears that wish to keep in touch with us are welcome to stay registered with us on this site and keep posting.

-There is also an in-game chat channel for ex-bears and friends so we can keep in touch and organise activities together easily.  (in game type /join bears)

-the addon(stickychannel)  makes it much easier to keep chatting in channels.

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